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Are you considering remodeling or making changes to your kitchen? Imagine walking into a showroom where you can pick from hundreds of options for every aspect of your kitchen? From custom designs, to beautifully constructed cabinets, we can help make your space look gorgeous, and brand new.

When you come to our shop, you will see that our facility has the ability to custom make whatever you would like at our location. This gives you endless possibilities to create your dream kitchen! We can make recommendations based on what is best for you; and remember, no job is too big or too small. Details are everything in this business and your opinions matter most.

Do you know where your money is going when you choose to remodel? When dealing with a typical remodeling company, they will do the least amount of work for the most money they can get; with us, that is not the case. From one to multiple colors, or custom cabinets, we are only satisfied when you are happy with the finished product.

Our staff in our showroom do not work off commission, because we feel that it is important to meet your wants and your needs, rather than make it a competition to upsell.  We have no interest in making money if it does not benefit the customer and give you what you want and need in your home. At the end of the day, we work for you, and we want you to know we will do whatever it takes to create what you envisioned for your kitchen.

At Kitchen Design Store, we are more than a showroom full of materials; we want to be there with you from beginning to end. Sometimes you just need a new coat of paint, and other times we are working on a full remodel.  Regardless of what the project is, we are here to work with you so you are completely happy and content with the end result! We are truly in this business for our customers and look forward to helping you create your dream kitchen!











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